Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Dominican Blowout"

So I went back to that Dominican hairstylist to get a deep condition because I love the Dominican products she uses and love the way she massages my scalp. It's kind of like going to a spa for your hair. Dominican hair products really make my hair soft. I always try to find out what she's using, but she kinda just changes the subject or tells what it's supposed to do for my hair. She never tells be the product name. I guess she's witholding information to make me come back again and again. Well, it worked cause I was back. Anyways, I didn't want the straight style like she did before, but I guess I didn't realize until later that Dominican hair stylists do blow outs only one way. They use high heat and want your hair super straight. All I wanted was a my hair blow dried into an afro. She gave me a 'fro all right-a bone straight 'fro. She didn't even blow it out in a workable style. It was because I said 'fro, she just blew it out in a way that my hair was standing up straight. I looked like Einstein. It was baaaaad! You would have to see it to believe it, but I will spare you pictures. I guess I should have been more specific, but like I said before, most Dominican hairstylists like doing these blowouts and actually are very skilled in doing them. If you go on YouTube and enter Dominican blowout in the search field you'll see what I'm talking about. I can't put their videos on this blog.

So later, I went back to my natural hair websites for advice and more information. I came across the term "Dominican blowout." Apparently, Dominican hairstylists have a reputation of taming unruly natural hair to a bone straight texture that resembles the look of relaxed hair. The results are pretty amazing. The downside is the high heat can cause breakage and actually break your curl pattern. Especially if you do it like every 2-3 weeks. Getting the Dominican blowout in moderation, like every 6 months or so, would probably be best to prevent damage if you want to get a straight look. I should have done this research before I went to her last week. I am so naive in taking care of my hair, but I am definitely learning from my mistakes. This happened last Friday and I haven't washed my hair yet. I've been so busy with work and school!! I haven't had time to, but I will wash it Saturday evening and we shall she what happens. I will update on the results. If I see that my curly pattern is lost, I'm contemplating doing the big chop...

We shall see...stay tuned.

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